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Live DJ set videos have become very popular on the Internet because of their spectacularity. These unique shows unite people people of all kinds from all over the world. This shared passion gives life to an immense community of electronic music and club culture enthusiasts.
aims to be the point where all these people gather, watching live dj set videos of these incredible performances made of music, technology, lights and lots of positive energy, sharing their tastes, their reactions and their comments, giving life to the largest community in the sector ever created.


How it works

Here on you can see hundreds of live dj set videos divided by categories and tags, looking for the name of your favorite dj or choosing randomly among the hottest videos of the moment.

Comment on your favorite videos, add a like, and choose what impressed you most of that live DJ set by choosing a reaction. Read more about this feature here.

The fun part of is the community: you can follow the other users to see what live dj set videos they liked, the videos posted (if enabled to do so), exchanging messages and comments as in a real social network.

We are all a great family united by the passion for electronic music!

Paolo Sartorio, owner and founder