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Introducing Reactions: the best way to share your EDM emotions

Did you know that…
There’s something that makes it really unique to watch and share DJ set videos on and it’s an opportunity to interact with other EDM fans, comment and indicate what you liked most about a DJ set.
In fact, only on you have the opportunity to use original Reactions dedicated to the world of DJs and electronic music.
On Facebook, the reactions are the emoticons that you use to show your mood after reading a friend’s post or having seen a picture, and are made this way:

facebook reactions




How many times have you used them?

Here on djmainstage you can use the Reactions to express what was the most striking aspect of the DJ set you just saw.

Remember when DJ Jazzy Jeff performed with scratchs and other tricks in a memorable DJ set during Tomorrowland Belgium 2018? That good old boy definitely deserves a reaction for his technique.

Or when Salvatore Ganacci surprised everyone with a performance halfway between a DJ with great skills and a beginner gymnast? In this case the attitude of the DJ is definitely what remains more than anything else.

But that’s not enough.

We have reactions for any aspect of the show you may like. Here’s the full list:

Comment on your favorite videos, add a like, and choose what impressed you most of that live DJ set by choosing a reaction between:


It’s amazing

Everything in this DJ set is perfect and gives you incredible vibrations


Crowd reaction

The crowd literally went crazy and became part of the show


DJ attitude

The DJ is a natural entertainer who keeps the audience warm throughout the show



DJ technique

This DJ is a master of the technique


Music selection

In this DJ set there are real bangers tracks that fit together perfectly



Lights show

The light show, the stage and the atmosphere are fantastic


We have created reactions to highlight the best features of DJ sets. Use it in the best way and help us create a real collection of performances divided according to these characteristics, decided only by you and the community of

Leave a comment on the DJ sets you watch and click on a Reaction to add extra value!

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